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Auteur Topic: vm ware tools  (gelezen 160 keer)

vm ware tools
« Gepost op: 2016/01/16, 17:08:40 »
I want to install the VMware tools but i get i constant list of the letter 'y'
these are the commands i use to install the vmware tools after extracting them on my Desktop.
$ cd Desktop
$ cd vmware-tools-distrib
$ sudo ./ –d
after the last command i have to make a choise yes or no.
when i enter yes i get the constant list of the letter 'y'
can someone help me ? thanks

And how can you change the host key also ? :)

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Re: vm ware tools
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2016/01/16, 18:01:20 »
This is a Dutch forum. The only allowed language here is Dutch, therefore your topic has been closed. If you master the Dutch language, you are welcome to edit your post and translate it. If you do not, then this topic will remain closed and we kindly request you to post your question in the international Ubuntu-forum: Thank you kindly for your cooperation.