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Auteur Topic: pendrive usb with persistent file crash  (gelezen 314 keer)

Offline bsc8

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pendrive usb with persistent file crash
« Gepost op: 2012/09/27, 21:05:45 »
I heard about Ubuntu from a friend and wanted to test it out. I made a Pendrive Ubuntu 12.04 with a persistent file using Universal USB Installer.

The first time I booted Ubuntu from the USB everything went like usual. I was just a bit exploring Ubuntu and had installed a few apps.
I did nothing special or unusual.

Today after using Windows 7 for while again, I wanted to boot Ubuntu again. When I boot it, the usual loading screen comes up but after that it crashes and gave me a black/green screen with text that always show the same loop.
I alrdy tried reïnstalling ubuntu on the usb after that i can boot ubuntu like normal from the usb.
When I try it a second time after using windows 7 again it crashes.

I really like to fix this because I like ubuntu but I also want to use windows 7.
That's why the live usb with persistent file is perfect for me.
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Re: pendrive usb with persistent file crash
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2012/09/27, 21:20:32 »
Maybe it works better with this tool: