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Auteur Topic: Network printer configuration for QNAP TS101 (2.3.0)  (gelezen 1402 keer)

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Network printer configuration for QNAP TS101 (2.3.0)
« Gepost op: 2012/03/13, 11:18:33 »
Just spent another day on getting my network printer queue working. I found a tip on that solved the problem.

To get your usb printer working via the qnap ts101:

  • from the qnap administration add a new user, give it full access to the Qusb share
  • Open the cups administration (localhost:631), add the printer (or modify existing), choose Windows via samba and add url: smb://user:password@server/sharename. I could not find anywhere the name of the printer share (windows simply shows it); it appears to be the name of the nas + PR added to it.