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Auteur Topic: netbook edition eee 1001ha rt3090  (gelezen 1057 keer)

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netbook edition eee 1001ha rt3090
« Gepost op: 2010/12/09, 15:21:58 »
I installed 10.10 netbook edition on my 1001ha and noticed the shutdown problem with wireless, caused by the rt2860 driver.
Via a google search, I found a solution from 10.4 that also works for 10.10.

Installed the rt3090 driver and blacklisted the rt2x00 series drivers, and it worked.

Download my pre-built rt3090-dkms package here:

       sudo dpkg -i location/rt3090-dkms_2.3.1.4-0ubuntu0~ppa1_all.deb

and blacklist the old drivers used for the 3090 wireless chip.

       sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

add the following at the bottom

blacklist rt2800pci
blacklist rt2800lib
blacklist rt2x00usb
blacklist rt2x00pci
blacklist rt2x00lib


After upgrade (from to kernell) I cannot start the working anymore, and when I boot the I have no wireless at all.

When I try the same tricks I did for the, I get message that the same version of the rt3090 is already build and installed. What to do now ??

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Re: netbook edition eee 1001ha rt3090
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2010/12/09, 15:50:36 »
En nou in het Nederlands?  :P

Probeer eens dit:
- maak de voorafgaande ingrepen alle ongedaan;
- installeer de draadloze backports-modules: