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install Lan driver
« Gepost op: 2006/10/27, 16:23:42 »
Ik heb de driver van de install cd gehaald.
Het probleem is dat de commands die in de manual staan niet werken.
Ik deze 4 files in Mijn home directory staan.

ik voer dit uit in de terminal en hij zegt dan dat hij de directory niet kan vinden

tar xfvj install-/home/scorpion/.tar.bz2

wat doe ik foute, bedankt voor jullie hulp.
ik heb ububtu 6.10

2  Required Files and Tools

To install the sk98lin driver the following files
and tools on your Linux system are required:

- Linux kernel source available in directory /usr/src/linux

- Compiler tools (e.g. gcc)

3  Prerequisites

The prerequisites for compilation, loading and patch creation of the
sk98lin driver are:

- Any device using the sk98lin kernel module needs to be closed.

- The old sk98lin kernel module needs to be unloaded.
  Per default the installation script will do this automatically
  (if "installation" mode is selected).

- Your system has to be equipped with a supported network card.
  Without a card the full driver functionality cannot be checked.

- The kernel source and kernel version have to be consistent.
  For instance, it might be, that you run kernel version 2.4.20, but
  the header files the kernel module will be compiled with refer to
  kernel version 2.4.21. If you don't have the same kernel version,
  install the sources and compile a new kernel. It's not possible to
  mix different kernel versions!

4  Preparing the Driver Installation Package

Before the sk98lin driver installation script can be invoked, the
installation package needs to be unpacked:

1.  Login as 'root'.
2.  Unpack the driver installation package using the command

    # tar xfvj install-???.tar.bz2
    # bunzip2 -c install-???.tar.bz2 | tar xfv -

5  Driver Installation

1. After the driver installation package is unpacked, type the following
   commands to start the sk98lin driver build process:

   # cd DriverInstall
   # ./

2. Select the driver installation mode (see following subchapters).
3. Wait for the driver build process to finish.
   Depending on the installation mode you selected, the driver is either
   compiled and installed or a kernel patch is generated.

5.1  Installation Mode

Selecting this installation mode the driver sources shipped
with the install package are compiled and the resulting driver
module object file is installed to a suitable location (usually somewhere
below directory /lib/modules/...).

No source files of the driver are installed into a kernel directory.
Only the driver module object file and the man page of the driver are
installed onto your system permanently.
The term "installation" reflects the fact that the build
process runs automatically without any user interaction. In case
of installation problems, the driver installation script autonomously
tries to solve the problem (if this is possible).

After compilation has finished, the initial system state and
configuration is recovered and all (possibly) backed-up system
files are restored from the initial configuration.