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Auteur Topic: Installatie van ubuntu: enkele vraagjes  (gelezen 522 keer)


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Installatie van ubuntu: enkele vraagjes
« Gepost op: 2006/08/26, 15:50:15 »
Het is wel in het engels omdat ik het op een ander forum eerst heb geplaatst. Maar ik zou het wel leuk vinden moest iemand mij kunnen helpen.

Nota: ik ben volledig nieuw met linux en ken niet van commando's enzo.

I'm using two disks of 250GB in RAID-0 that give me one virtual disk of 500GB. I've got two partitions on this disk:

-A small partition of about 30 gig for windows/any programs that I have to reinstall anyway when I uninstall windows. I would like to keep this partition as it's doing it's work pretty good.

-A big archive of 460 gig in NTFS format. I would format this partition and use about 15 gig for linux and the rest as archive.

And another single 250 gig backup disk. I'll plug this one out for the installation just to be on the safe side..

My specs:
AMD 64 3500+
1 Gig of ram
ATI radeon x850xt PE(already have a driver for this one)
Creative SB audigy 2(I'll have to use the SB live driver on this one)

Now: the problem, as you might have guessed is ofcourse how on earth do I get the raid to work. I use the Nforce Raid controller. I have no idea how to start it, because the nForce raid controller is not supported for linux. So I'm probably going to have to use a software raid controller. The problem is: I wouldn't know for the love of me how to do this...

In short: I have a 30 gig partition of a 500 gig raid 0 array with a nForce 4 raid controller. I would like to use about 15gig on the array to install ubuntu and the rest would be fast archive.

Many thanks in advance for anyone trying to help me!

Offline zappa

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Installatie van ubuntu: enkele vraagjes
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2006/08/26, 16:07:30 »
Je vind veel info over software raid in Ubuntu documentatie. (start live op, system, about Ubuntu of online)
Lees ook eens de andere draadjes hier. Ik herinner mij een recente post van iemand die een ge