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Auteur Topic: installeren Webcam Vimicro USB2.0 VC0323  (gelezen 995 keer)

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installeren Webcam Vimicro USB2.0 VC0323
« Gepost op: 2008/03/09, 00:39:59 »
Ik heb eeb webcam Vimicro USB2.0 VC0323

Ik heb een driver op internet gevonden, gedownload en op Bureaublad gezet : gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz. Dan op geklikt: Dan krijg ik een stel mappen en bestanden te zien waaronder  Read and install. Vervolgens is het voor mij acacadabra:

Kan iemand mij nu in gemakkelijke termen stap voor stap zeggen wat ik moet doen ?? Ik ben niet erg bekend met Ubuntu
Er staat het volgende:

How do I use it?

Well, first you need to compile the driver (see below), then you need to make
sure that the v4l infrastructure is set up and then load the driver. After
you've done that, any v4l enabled application, such as spcaview, gqcam, xawtv,
gnomemeeting, camE etc should work.

Supported kernel versions
The driver should compile and run successfully against most stable versions of
the official Linux 2.6.x kernel upto version 2.6.11 (from )

Compiling it
The driver module can be built without modifying your kernel source tree.

Before trying to compile the driver, ensure that you've configured your
kernel, and updated the dependencies:
'make [config|menuconfig|xconfig]; make dep'.

Make sure, when compiling the driver, you use the same version of compiler as
was used to compile your kernel. Not doing so can create incompatible binaries.

as root
goes to gspcav1 directory and run:

if all goes right the module is compiled and load in memory
if not, errors messages can be found in kgspca.err You should post this file to the maintainer
or in the sourceforge project bugs report. .

Trying a v4l app
goes to gspcagui directory
be sure to have libsdl installed with the header
as root
make install
Plug your webcam and run
gspcagui -d /dev/video0
adjust video0 to your hardware
Press the G button and wait for the webcam probe
you can now play, the two windows are active
mouse can be used to select a Region of Interess within the grabbing windows
then press the center of the pad to zoom:)
Picture and avi are implemented just press the button to start/stop