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Auteur Topic: Hacked DX10 for Windows appears  (gelezen 417 keer)


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Hacked DX10 for Windows appears
« Gepost op: 2007/05/23, 22:19:11 »

Hacked DX10 for Windows appears

Gaming revolution or a hoax?

By Theo Valich: maandag 23 april 2007, 09:28
MICROSOFT HAS BEEN talking about DirectX 10 being an integral part of Vista, saying that DirectX 10 could not be implemented onto any other operating systems. The reason for this is the approach of DirectX 10 inside the Vista kernel, with a more console-style approach to hardware.

However, that was before the Alky Project came to light limelight.

A chap called Cody Brocious from San Diego, California, claims to have started to create an wrapper for Windows executables so that they can be ran on another operating system, with no prejudice about that operating system.

A year in, the Alky Project has gone live under the cover of a company Falling Leaf Systems. Members of its Sapling Program will be able to get the wrappers for DirectX10 applications and run them not just on DX10 hardware under Windows XP, but with some DX9 hardware as well.

Although this sounds like a fairytale, Cody claims he reverse-engineered the Geometry Shader code, and that users will be able to run Windows games intended on the Mac OS X on x86-based Macinteltoshes as well as Linux.

While we are waiting for the wrappers so that we can show DX10 running under Windows XP - or not - you can check out the claims yourself. ยต

Cody's official Project Alky bog
Falling Leaf Systems website
Sapling Leaf membership page

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Hacked DX10 for Windows appears
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2007/05/23, 22:34:49 »
Kan beter in Off-Topic staan, mods kun je dit even verplaatsen.
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