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Auteur Topic: blue ray branden met ubuntu opgelost  (gelezen 1497 keer)

Offline jaapensjaan

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blue ray branden met ubuntu opgelost
« Gepost op: 2010/11/18, 11:18:15 »
wie kan mijn zeggen hoe ik een Blue Ray kan branden met Ubuntu.
ik heb een blue ray brander   maar de brand programas onder steunen geen bleu ray of ik moet nero linux gebruiken wat ik geen fijn program vind
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Offline Gijsbert

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Re: blue ray branden met ubuntu
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 2010/11/18, 18:58:51 »
Met K3b vanaf versie 2.0 zou het toch moeten lukken.
    * Port to KDE Platform 4
    * Always allow manual writing speed selection
    * Use proper toolbars instead of the toolboxes -> nicer laying out with different styles
    * Merged CD and DVD copy dialogs
    * Merged CD and DVD image burning dialogs
    * Merged CD-RW erasing and DVD formatting dialogs
    * Merged Data CD and Data DVD projects into one plain data project with Blu-ray support
    * Merged eMovix CD and eMovix DVD projects
    * Removed CD copy option "prefer CD-Text". K3b will now ask individually (there is no need to do this if no mounting is involved)
    * Allow importing of arbitrary sessions into a data project, thus continuing other than the last session
    * "Clear project" now only clears the added data but leaves the settings as they were (bug 147838)
    * Added support for files bigger than 4GB via mkisofs 2.01.01a32 and above Do only reload the medium for verification if necessary (depends on the writer)
    * Support for Blu-ray writing
    * Support for DVD and Blu-ray writing via cdrecord
    * New audio ripping pattern %e which is replaced by the file extension
    * Better support for RTL languages
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Offline jaapensjaan

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Re: blue ray branden met ubuntu
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 2011/01/10, 11:39:31 »
opgelost ik gebruik nu img burn :evil: