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Can you help me with my problems?

i want to make a bootable usb image of a ubuntu system.
point is, i want to use a USB (witch you normaly can install ubuntu from) to boot from with some special applications i need. i know you can use a ubuntu stick and click on "try ubuntu" to work from it.
only  problem is:
you can install some apps to use it. but everytime you power off the pc you need to reinstall it.

i want to change or use a backup to make a usable usb like a hirens boot to change the image, so i can use all the tools i need without reinstalling it every single time.
i've been stuck for some months now. can anybody help?

im not much of a programmer, although im learning it.
anybody have an idea or who can help me to achieve my goal.

just to be clear again, goal:

create my own bootable ubuntu from an USB, with special application/tools of my or your (if anybody else wanna use it) needs.

S. Stratmann

Also i already used squashfs files to edit it, but im not reallly understanding what i have to change.
you can mount en unsquash the filesystem. and edit that, but it havent been succesfull for me. it didnt work everytime i tried

Dit is een Nederlands forum, en we houden het ook graag Nederlands hier - er zijn al internationale fora genoeg.
Met die reden sluit ik dit topic. Je mag altijd een nieuw topic in het Nederlands aanmaken, maar deze gaat dicht.


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